About Dr. Tawana “TJ” Robinson

Dr. Tawana “TJ” Robinson is a life-long resident of the 27th District. She was born into a hard working blue collar family in the Roseland community. Tawana is a Morgan Park High School alumni. She is a church and community servant with good character, sound judgment, and morals. She is the CEO of a non-profit organization called “It Takes a Village,” which was designed to provide marginalized youth with access to alternative education, trade programs, and gainful employment opportunities in the 27th District. She is a board member for another non-profit organization that provides housing and independent living for people with disabilities in Illinois. She is also a program advocate for a post-secondary program called “Jump the Education Barrier,” which has been featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show and major news outlets. In May 2023, she was featured teaching and performing poetry at a CPS selective enrollment school, on the national public broadcast PBS, which will air in March 2024 on Channel 11 WTTW in Illinois. Additionally, in her work as a community activist, she co-created the program Exodus to Excellence, along with a state legislator, which empowers youth as early as 12 years of age to become involved in community based organizations, exposure to municipal government, and employment opportunities, by making them aware of state and federal employment opportunities. She is a writer and author who has published books, academic articles, and poetry. She is passionate about serving the community that nurtured her personal, creative, and academic growth. She believes in the philosophical adage that says, “It takes a village to raise a child,”and she is vested in remaining an integral part of the village that raised her, in order to help nurture children into young adults, who will in-turn respect our neighborhoods and elders, by reciprocating, and giving back to the the community like she does. She desires to continue to join hands with community stakeholders to improve the quality of life for all residents in the 27th District, and not just the few who have political connections. This is a friendly reminder that when Tawana “TJ’ Robinson wins, the entire village will win, as she knows there’s no “I” in team. Under her leadership as your State Representative, the 27th District will be 1 team, with 1 dream.