Targeted Goals

My name is Tawana Robinson. I’m a proud product of the 27th District. I was born into a hard working blue collar family in our district. I inherited a strong work ethic from my parents: my mother, a Chicago Police Officer, and my father, the 1st African-American freight train engineer at a major railroad in Illinois. They taught me the value of an education, which compelled me to become a Doctor of Education. I work as a teacher at a Chicago Public School in the 27th District. Since 1999, I’ve worked interchangeably as a special education teacher, regular education teacher, and school administrator.

Early in life, I decided to pursue a teaching career because I recognized the importance of investing in my neighborhood by remaining a part of the village, and nurturing the community that contributed to my success. A true sense of community is built from collective efforts towards common goals. I share the vision of many of my constituents. I am a strategic visionary and leader who has the ability to garner support from all stakeholders: our elders, the youth, clergy, business and civic leaders, to make our vision manifest into reality. As your State Representative, I will build a better economy, demand the ultra wealthy pay their fair share of taxes, ban assault weapons, commit grant funding to community based violence prevention programs, provide state dollars for park districts, schools, townships, and infrastructure, expand property tax relief, defend the right to choose, protect funding for Planned Parenthood, lower cost of prescription drugs, guarantee paid leave for every Illinois worker, and fight for equal pay and healthcare for all. You will see an upward trajectory of positive fresh new trends.

“Safer streets, quality schools, thriving businesses, and a better quality of life aren’t out of reach and unattainable for 27th District constituents. As your State Representative, I can assure you that I won’t continue the status quo.”

I’ve personally knocked on your doors; you’ve invited me into your homes, and I’ve heard your concerns. As your State Representative, I will have an open-door policy in which your voices will be heard, and we will resolve problems in the 27th District together. We will share 1 vision and 1 mission — to improve the quality of life for 27th District residents.

Work Directly with Gun-Violence Prevention Organizations

Work directly with organizations, (i.e., ChicagoCRED, Seeds of Roseland, Cease Fire, Black Star Project), to reduce violence in our neighborhoods.

Enhance the Infrastructure

Enhance the infrastructure by ensuring TIF funds are allocated to bring businesses and high-quality grocery stores to multiple areas in our ward.

Provide Resources for Senior Freezes on Property Taxes

Provide resources for senior freezes on property taxes, and contact every senior homeowner to provide assistance with applying for the senior property tax freeze.

Provide Resources for Senior Homeowner Exemptions

Provide resources for senior homeowner exemptions, and make intentional efforts to inform every senior homeowner about exemptions they should receive.

Advocate for Water Meters

Advocate for water meters to be installed in every home to alleviate the expensive flat rate water bills that are based on the square footage of houses, instead of actual water usage.

Providing Grants

Provide grants and state funding for local municipalities, townships, schools, park districts, and community based non-profit organizations

Invest in our Most Important Human Resource: Our Children

Share content expertise, provide learning management, deliver evaluative feedback, and enhance socialization skills for our most important human resource: our children.

Advocate for a Trade School in the 27th District

Advocate for a District trade schools, provide monetary, technological, and teaching resources for our suburban township school, neighborhood Chicago Public Schools and charter schools.